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How can I register my own ONT hardware without paying $150CAD fee??



My current setup is the big white box Alcatel ONT + "canister" Wi-Fi HUB. The problem is that fiber comes into the structured media enclosure in a close and that's where ONT lives just fine; there is also a patch panel with all Ethernet wiring. But because of the "canister" router it can't be put there (too fat), so the setup in details is this: ONT in the wall, DATA1 to patch panel, from where to the living room's TV stand where the "canister" lives. But this setup does not allow me to use Ethernet wiring in the apartment.



Now to the story. I got a new device which can replace both, fits into the media enclosure and allow me to use apartment wiring: Mikrotik Hex S, which has an SFP port. I also have an SFP GPON module, previously used in T3200M modems. When I connect my new router/ONT to the fiber network I can see that it operates normally, the physical layer is connected, there is a bit of a traffic but no Internet. And it is fine: the new hardware's MAC address should be registered with OLT(?) so that it can authenticate it properly and issue IP address etc.

I gave a call to TELUS technical support yesterday but the person I was talking to didn't understand me at all and suggested to schedule a technician visit. This afternoon the technician called me and asked what is the problem, because he didn't see any from his end. Luckily he was much better in understanding my request and explanations that the tech support representative. He also explained me that his visit will cost a $150 CAD, because no TELUS equipment failure. These were "fantastic news!" as you can imagine and I had to cancel the appointment. Like, really, the whole technician is needed to re-connect a fiber 🤦‍:male_sign: and register the device?

So I gave another call to TELUS support asking if they can just do the MAC address change on their end so that my new hardware will work. The answer I got from the L1 support was the same: a technician visit must take place to register a new device. At this point I'm at loss. I couldn't find anything in the contract that says that I can't use my own equipment or that it is a paid option just because only technician can re-connect the cable and call office to get the new MAC address registered. It is absolutely ridiculous and frustrating, especially considering that back in my home country all I needed was a few minutes call to the tech support with one ISP and a simple manual change in online cabinet for another one.

Would like to share this story in a hope that someone from L2 support can help or the management can see the feedback and improve their service or at least make it more reasonable 🙄

Also would like to hear if someone was successful with similar changes without paying the price of a monthly subscription and how you made it through all these blocks from TELUS side.



How did you make out with this project/request? Did you resolve it with Telus?