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High ping to Westcoast game servers?

Just Moved In

Hi All, I'm in Calgary but seem to be getting very high ping to Valorant game servers in California and Oregon. Typically these servers are the best with latency in the 30-50 ms range. They both currently sit at 111 ms to Northern California and 117 ms to Oregon. This seems to have started January 30th, 2023. 


Any thoughts on why this is happening or what I could try to resolve?




Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey, sorry about that. This can happen when trying to connect to a game server and the dev doesn't have a Canadian (or similarly close) server. If I recall correctly, Riot doesn't have a Canadian server so up here players would connect to the closest U.S. one (i.e. Toronto players probably ping to somewhere in Illinois, etc.) so if a reboot of your equipment doesn't at least improve things, your next stop may be to reach out to the game dev directly for further technical support.

Hi @A-B, thank you for the reply but that is not the issue. Both Oregon and N. California pinged 30-50 ms for years now, and just recently more than doubled their latency so it is a peering/routing/backbone issue. A reboot of equipment did not resolve the issue, but the problem seems to have been resolved later today from what I can see. 


Resolved currently, will update if this changes.