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Having Trouble Finding a 10ft. 24Gbps HDMI Cable.

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As the topic suggests, I'm having a heck of a time finding a 24Gbps HDMI cable that exceeds 8 feet. As per Telus' instructions, I require a 24Gbps HDMI cable for my new 4k PVR to display the 4k channels correctly. I've looked online and it seems that the only 24Gbps HDMI cables are 6 feet or less. I did manage to find a 12 foot cable that claimed it was 24Gbps, but it was from a no-name brand and looked suspicious.

Does anyone know where I might be able to find such a cable? Also, does anyone know if an 18Gbps cable will do the job, or will there be a theoretical drop in picture quality?

Thank you very much!


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Community Power User

Even only sells 18Gbps cables. I can't see that causing a drop in picture quality if you get a good quality cable. 24Gbps cables are a more recent arrival to the market. There may eventually be good quality longer cables but I'd be suspicious of the cheap unknown brand cables out there. Especially on Amazon, or eBay, or any of the Chinese sites like AliExpress.

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Search for Monoprice premium certified cables on Amazon. Those will be capable of delivering 4K60 HDR. I have all sorts of audio and video cables from Monoprice and they are good quality.


There is a site called PRIMECABLES  their are in vanvouver and monteral. I have found what i want there cables and splicing tools cable ends etc.  Fast delivery also. POLECAT


Had a quick look at prime cables and found a 2 meter Gbps for 14.99. No time now there may be more it is 28 gauge braided and has good reviews. My tv setup is not that fancy as we do very little watching. Like books better. Polecat.


Sorry forgot to say 48Gbps