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Have you got this blazing fast speed ???????????????????????????????????????????


Upload speed of 0.0 max 1.0

Download speed of .03 Max of .09


All for $60 per  month Great deal.


Community Power User
Community Power User

Contact Telus if you have an issue with your service.

Telus will do nothing to fix  the service.

Let me see if I understand this situation based on your other posts.


  1. You live in a rural area on the edge of available service.
  2. You've already complained to the CCTS etc, and you've already heard, according to your own post, that it'll be another 18 months before a new tower can possibly be installed in the region.
  3. If you're using a cellular smart hub, until that tower is put in, your situation will not change.
  4. You keep calling in to the call centres to try get a solution, when again you know you won't get one.
  5. You do not like any call centre worker whom you assume is working overseas as you feel they are just reading cue cards and they just don't care.


You say Telus will do nothing to fix the service. You already know what needs to be done to fix the situation. A new tower costs millions of dollars to get installed but it also doesn't happen overnight.


Questions for you:


  1. If you were actually talking to Telus' retention department, they are all in Canada last I heard. For bill credits etc, that's the department you would have been talking to. If the problem you've been experiencing has been going on this long, there's no way you haven't already talked to that department. So why do you keep calling the regular call centre when you already know they can't offer you a solution?

  2. You keep complaining about the service you know you aren't getting and won't likely get until there's a new tower put in. Have you explored any other options? Is Telus the only provider in the area? This was asked before but you never answered.  Also, what town or city are you 5 minutes outside of? In another post you mention you're 15 minutes from the city hall of the town so I'm guessing you don't live close to a large city. I'm curious which town just to look for where the towers nearby are located.

  3. You keep bringing up that you are a senior in your posts. What does that have to do with a connection problem?

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Oh yes mr. Nighthawk It just must be way too much to get the actual product that i pay full price for. Once upon a time companies actually did something called customer service. must be decades ago for you in the iphone generation. I come from a time where you pay a price for something and thaty is what you get. NOT A TEENY TINY AMOUNT OF THE PRODUCT.


It's difficult to assist with your issue when you just come here to complain and don't cooperate with people trying to help you in multiple threads.

Not happy with the product you have. Cancel it then nothing to complain about. Problem solved.

There are several well intentioned members here trying to help you. You have dodged all of their questions and instead replied with complaints and insults.

At this point we are all wondering what exactly you expect from posting here.