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Fibre Line Broken


I moved into a new built property in the first week of September and got telus to come install my internet. Turns out my Fibre lines are broken somewhere from my house to the junction box. Its been a month now without internet and I have been waiting on Telus to come resolve the issue for me and all they keep doing is just send technicians every week who cant do anything. I have escalated the issue and have a case manager as well but they dont know much either. 


I dont know what else i can do at this point. 


Community Power User
Community Power User

I suggest escalating again. The outside work back to the junction box is a different team than the installer. I've seen it fixed in a day or two.

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I have escalated it many times. Maybe I should clarify it again. I’m not too sure if it’s Telus that manages the outside work. Seems like it’s all sub contracted.

How did you resolve this? I have the same issue.


I am still struggling to fix it. I would urge that you to escalate this asap with Telus by calling and yelling at them. They will assign an escalation manager to your case and then you can deal with this directly to get it resolved.

Get Shaw in the meantime - it’s been 1.5 years for me and they still haven’t found a way to solve the issue.

Ended up rage cancelling after several technician appointment no shows and many hours of infuriating calls with their reps where they kept trying to upsell me on plans and giving false promises.

Shaw was able to send a modem next day. Happy to sacrifice a little bit of upload speed to never have to deal with Telus again.

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Facing ongoing internet installation issues with Telus due to broken fiber lines can be quite challenging. Here's a condensed plan of action you might consider:

  1. Keep Detailed Records: Document all interactions with Telus, including technician visits and conversations with your case manager.

  2. Demand a Clear Resolution Plan: Insist on a specific action plan and timeline from Telus for repairing the fiber lines.

  3. Escalate the Issue: If the case manager is unhelpful, escalate to higher management within Telus, demanding immediate attention and resolution.

  4. Ask for Compensation: Request compensation or a reduction in your bill for the period without service.

  5. Consider Alternative Internet Options: Look into temporary internet solutions like mobile hotspots or other service providers.

  6. Contact Consumer Protection Agencies: If Telus fails to resolve the issue, reach out to consumer protection agencies for assistance.

  7. Leverage Social Media: Share your issue on social media platforms to potentially expedite Telus's response.

  8. Legal Consultation: As a last resort, consider seeking legal advice regarding your consumer rights.

Stay firm and persistent in your communications, emphasizing the urgency and impact of the issue. View  for real Time problem and outage monitoring,