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Fiber Optic Drilling In Neighbour's Yard Caused Ours Property to Flood


In September 2022 Telus hired contractors to drill on my street for fiber optic installation. We were going through a drought at the time so this did not affect us. We are now experiencing snowmelt and rainfall which has caused our property to flood and wash out our driveway. We have lived on this same property for 4 years and have never experienced this much water or flooding but we have had way worse rain and snowmelt than this. We had all of our perimeter drains professionally inspected and they are all working perfectly but they can't handle this unusual amount of water we are receiving.


One of the areas they drilled is in our neighbor's yard which is on higher ground than us. Some of their water usually drains into our yard but now we are getting an excessive amount. We had a contractor come to our yard and they believe this has something to do with the drilling from Telus. It must have disturbed something underground causing an unusual amount of water to flow into our yard during any rain storms. 


This has been a huge headache and will be a big expense to fix our driveway and beef up our perimeter drains to handle the extra water. The contractor was shocked at how much water was flowing through our property. It created an actual river through or gravel driveway. 



What are my options in this situation? 


Community Manager
Community Manager

@salsburyacreage I sent you a private message!

Just read your post through searching. I experienced the simply flood issue caused by Telus fiber cable in Edmonton. Telus made underground fiber cable networks, as well set up a rain water tunnels circulating through the cables around the communities. Due to their improperly and neglected, they built a defect "sewage" infrastructure, which causes rainwater flood into the lower altitude neighborhood houses. Telus needs to take action to fix their fiber issues and compensate the homeowners lost, or will face a lawsuit.