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Curious how come my channels listings keep reverting back to "all channels".  I switched it to "subscribed channels", but I notice every few days it reverts back to "all channels".  Also, is there a way to adjust the number of seconds the skip button does?  I think its default to 30secs on fast forward, and 15secs on back button.  



The All Sub list should remain that way unless someone changes it back or the box does a soft DRA reset on its own which is extremely rare. Are you setting it to All Sub by hitting Options on the remote, selecting Favorites, then setting it to All Subscribed? Skip forward is 30 seconds, skip backwards is 7 seconds. Unfortunately there is no way to adjust those features.
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I know if you manually enter a channel (example:300) on your remote that you don’t subscribe to. It will revert to show all channels and kick it off the “subscribed only” channels.

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