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DW 2973 video cropped/chopped


I subscribe to an international channel 2973 DW but will likely unsubscribe because not only is the picture 4x3  but part of the video on both sides is cut off/cropped which makes it unacceptable to watch.

I have FTTH with the new Optik 4k 5662 PVR and 5602 boxes.

Just wondering if anyone on this forum has noticed this and if there might be a fix. I can option stretch the picture to fill the screen but the video is still cropped. Also I had this Channel previously on satellite where the video not cropped.

Thank you.


Community Power User
Community Power User
If the video stream provided to Telus by the originator of the programming is a 4:3 cropping of HD programs, then there is not much that can be done.

You can suggest in the ideas section for Telus to try to negotiate an HD stream from the supplier.
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Thanks for the quick reply...I'm afraid you might be right about the provider sending the cropped video and I will go the ideas section.

CPU Alum
CPU Alum

I agree, the problem is the source, not Telus.


I occasionally watch Fairchild.  The HD (2803) is perfect, but the SD channel (2801) has black bars on both ends.  Some may opt to stretch the SD image with the TV settings, but I hate that distortion.