Connecting Sonos to Telus Wifi Boost


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I have a couple of Sonos speakers around the house that I want to connect to my Boost network. I can connect to the main wifi but it is not the default address I have my mobile devices connected to normally. So if I want to access the speakers I have to change networks which is annoying.


Sonos requires an ethernet connection directly to the access point for setup, then functions wirelessly once that is done. The Boost Wifi has only one ethernet port and so there is no way to do the initial setup as the port in connected to the main modem.


Anyone else have this issue and/or have workaround ideas for it?

I have a friend who ran in to the same issue with his Sonos and Boost network. We placed a 4-port ethernet switch coming off the cat5 jack going back to the modem so the Boost still has it's direct connection and the Sonos is hard wired as well. Now he has no issues.
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You could also try connecting the Sonos by Ethernet cable to the secondary Boost device, and see if that gets around the issue. The Boost Wi-Fi pair can be used as a wireless bridge.


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