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Class Action Lawsuit against TELUS over forced migration to Gmail


Hey all ... try as I might, I cannot find any online evidence (I searched on a Win 7 PC in Firefox using Google, then Microsoft Bing, the latter in an effort to change inherent search result & ranking biases) of organized resistance to the pending (Subject) forced e-mail service provider migration.

Let me be clear - I don't want Gmail.

Even if you weren't already convinced that Google has, indeed, become 'evil', if you were to watch a documentary called 'The Creepy Line' (on Amazon Prime Video right now) you likely would give the matter a little more critical thought.

I recognize that this documentary is another not-so-subtle tool of the U.S. conservative right (not sure why Bezos allowed it on his platform - oh right, taking Google & Facebook down a notch or two must've been seen as a higher priority) to sow further doubt over the outcome of the recent U.S. federal election, however, the arguments made in the documentary against the current data collection and active biasing practices of Google & Facebook are solid and have undeniable merit, IMO.

So I'll say it again - I don't want Gmail ... I don't do Facebook or Twitter (at all), and, even though I have a Google / YouTube account (for certain select purposes, and, no, I NEVER sign in to use YouTube ... much as their algorithm tries to get me to do so), I always sign out upon completion of a specific task ... leaving the Google servers to collect my browser search & usage habits against nothing more than my IP address and the 1st half of my postal code ... which I feel is plenty / too much.  I definitely don't need Google sifting through my e-mail, thank you very much.

So, if you feel as I do, perhaps a Class Action Lawsuit against TELUS is in order in this matter ... if for no other reason than to secure a discounted ISP fee for an arbitrarily changed service element ... the TELUS Webmail service in this case, which is part of my PureFibre 150Mbps unlimited data ISP package, wherein I am entitled to 10 e-mail addresses with storage capacities of 5GB, each, said to soon be 'enhanced' upward to 15GB, each.

I will backup each of my 10 TELUS Webmail accounts to a local PC and then completely cease e-mail activity within my overall TELUS ISP account - that's got to be worth a sizable discount ... or ... some form of legally obtained monetary compensation ... or ?

Any lawyers out there with ideas / feedback?

Thanks, Kevin Mc


Community Power User
Community Power User

The service Telus is using as its back end is G-Suite, Google’s corporate email service. It is not the public Gmail you are familiar with. We as customers don’t get to decide the software corporations use to supply the services we consume.


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I was an outlook user. I like the features of outlook. Rules and such. I was in the first wave of the migration. And it caused nothing but chaos for me. Telus thought it would be great idea to change the email associated with my account. So all of sudden I couldn't login to anything. Finally got all of that sorted out only see I cannot use outlook anymore. And since my perception of Telus tech support is not good. I feel like they all read from a script and don't care to help unless there is a option to sell me something. Again, that is my perception.

Almost forgot! We are now forced to use the Gmail app which is horrible.

We are now forced to use the Gmail app which is horrible.

On mobile devices (i.e. Android or iOS)?  How are you forced?  I use Android, and have never used the Gmail app.  I've tried a couple of different email apps over the years, but have been using K-9 for the past.


Regarding a lawsuit, like others have said, Telus is still providing you with an email service, so they're fulfilling the requirements of service.  I'm not a fan of Google/Gmail, either (although I do use Android), but as far as I see it, I'm still getting what I'm paying for.

This is actually a nonsense discussion.  I don't like that A&W switched to French's ketchup, but there isn't a class action lawsuit.  People can bring in their own Heinz ketchup.  Same with Telus and email.

Lol good luck with that.

It would be a lot less work to just switch providers