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Changed over from Shaw to purefibre. Any better ping rates changing over. Played World of Tanks WOT


Hi There,

anyone can share if they got good pings. less than 40ms while playing world of tanks (WOT).


Currently I'm averaging 60ms which is the same I got with shaw cable.






Community Power User
Community Power User

Please don't post the same thing multiple times. Once is sufficient if you're looking for help.


Depending on where the server is located, it's entirely possible to have a higher ping. Just because you're on fibre doesn't mean the entire path from your connection to the game server itself shares that same latency. Wargaming isn't known for fantastic latency for their servers. Considering the WOT west server is in California, 60ms is good. The latency to the various intermediate Comcast nodes averages about 40ms, but once the connection reaches Wargaming, it jumps to 60ms. Their east coast server is 80ms or more.



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Overwatch is a rock stable 55ms for me. Doesn't ever move from that.