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Boost and Xbox one packet loss

So I had my Xbox on actiontec 5G network. I turned that network off and connected to my boost network and the Xbox hates it. I’m getting .99Mbps download and 64Mbps upload, 17% packet loss with a good 24ms latency and 100% wireless strength. Any idea what is going on?

Community Power User
Community Power User

I have experienced Wi-Fi signal drops with Boost devices. Resetting them occasionally seems to address the issue.


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I did a full reset of everything and it seemed to help. 

Unfortunately my nest cam is down for the count. I can connect to it, but it just can't connect to the boost network anymore. 

It's a 2.4 device, and while it was working now it just won't.


Additionally all my ihome devices went offline. They show that they are connected, but there is zero control anymore after rebooting the boost.


I feel like something updated with boost or something in the last week or so. 


Very frustrating as 2.4 and boost really don't get along that well.  I wish I could split the 2.4 out like with the actiontec