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BIG Picture Quality Improvement with Optik TV!

Friendly Neighbour

Wow guys, I noticed with the latest firmware/software update to the Optik TV boxes has vastly improved the picture quality. There seems to be far less compression on the channels. On my 4K tv now some commercials even look 4k. Some I not exactly sure if the bit rate has been improved or what, but there is a real clear difference! I flipped around some of the channels and you can seem on some shows and commercials it looks a lot better. Very impressed!!


Really nice to see! 


I haven't really notice that much difference. Mind you I didn't have any complaints about the PQ before the update.

There may be other factors involved like your Internet connection speed, whether your boxes are connected over Ethernet vs WiFi, how your TV's are connect to the boxes (HDMI vs Component) etc. There may have been firmware improvements to address certain situations that I don't have.

Community Power User
Community Power User
Bitrate hasn’t changed so not sure why you’d be seeing a noticeable difference.