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Just Moved In
Status: New Idea

Anyone else get a fake looking email saying there was an upgrade to the service and I have messages waiting to be picked up? Just click on the link for your messages it said. I did not click.

Just Moved In

Have you been getting a bunch of 011 numbers calling you? Don't answer or message back, these steal your sim card info! Ive done some research online and alot of people are getting these calls. Need a way to block every number starting with 011 not just individual numbers because theyre spoofing and getting a million different numbers.

Samsung galaxy s8+ looking for a workaround because the option to block every number starting with option doesnt exist like it did on my galaxy s3(wicked little phone) 


If you need answers to questions then don't post in the IDEA section. Post your questions in the relevant sub forum section (mobility service).

Just Moved In

Thanks xray. Done.