look at trhis from customer point of view

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how to find the channel numbers for your area to make it easier to pick packages you give us the stations but no channel numbers 

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The Optik Channel Guide by Region is easily locatable on Telus' website. Only the channels in the Essentials package vary slightly by region. The premium channels all share the same channel number for all locations.


There is also the Optik Channel Selection Guide as well which groups them into the available theme packs.


Scenarios like this underscore the need to look at engagement as well as satisfaction in order to fully understand the customer's point-of-view.

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@Harrylawson Thanks for your idea. As @Nighthawk mentioned, channel numbers are currently available on our website. Is that helpful? If not, to help flush out your idea, could you tell us where they may be missing the mark? Thanks!

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