eSIM support for all GSMA compliant eSIM devices


It’s time for TELUS to enable eSIM support for all GSMA compliant eSIM devices.

Status: Completed
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Yes! Big fan of this, this’d be fantastic 


Come on telus ..get the esim works..and authorize corporate account to transfer...we are in 2019....


I hope TELUS supports eSIM by the time I get my next iPhone. That’s likely to be in the Fall of this year. Otherwise, I would be looking elsewhere. 


Please support 


Good new is TELUS is starting to support e-sim activations starting today.


Can find out more information on their support page. 


And as always on business you cannot have it as primary have to ad another lines..


Any in-market TELUS Mobility rate plan (prepaid or postpaid) is available on eSIM.
For business, EPP and corporate accounts, the eSIM voucher must only be activated on the second line with a BYOD plan. The physical SIM must always be activated first.



Business account arrive alway second..


No free subscription


Cannot have any promotion fees for ADTT alarm system


Business account are second ...never first...I am account administrator and I really  think to change those account...because never benefit of those fringes offer to regular account..




Thank you so much TELUS for giving us the worst implementation possible of eSIM two years and a half after everyone else.
Instead of being able to do it online (like Freedom Mobile, Verizon, T-Mobile etc.), we have to visit a store AND pay $20.
What the hell is this? Is the traffic so low in the stores they need to force us to go there in a world where everything is online?
So what? Now when a broken iPhone is replaced at the Genius Bar or when someone upgrades, instead of being able to generate a new code online (eSIM QR Codes can only be used on the same device again, to change devices, a new code is required) , they need to stop by a TELUS store? Ugh.

If it wasn’t for the fact that I’m relocating in the UK at the end of the year anyway, I would have terminated my six lines today.

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I tried setting up an e-sim yesterday.  It turns out, you either have to get a NEW Telus number, or leave your old TELUS number on a physical SIM.  There is no way for TELUS to port your existing number from a physical SIM to an e-Sim.  This basically defeats the usefulness of TELUS's e-Sim.  


So few internal TELUS staff know about this, so it took hours of technical support to discover this.


So, if you travel, another telco in Europe, NA or Asia have to support e-sim and you can get THEIR NUMBER loaded.  Your TELUS number has to be on a physical SIM.


I'd say this is a TELUS half-measure to implement some bold new technology.



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Community Manager

Closing idea as complete as eSIM is now available. @DeanLubaki Please send me a private message if you are still having issues with enabling eSIM, thanks!

Status changed to: Completed