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Status: Closed

the Star/number feature that allowed customers to block up to 12 repeat offending telemarketing callers WAS IDEAL for those of us being HARASSED with one to two calls a day by corrupt scams!

604 296 3233 IS ONE OF THEM, and reported by many on the internet to be a criminal outfit trying to con ppl into info and cash surrender as 'debt collectors'.

I get a min. of 1 to 2 calls a day from these scum, and see that what Telus chose to do was DROP the feature and instead force customers to tell all their friends a secret code to get around an AI voice.

Thats sickening. Thats punishing the CUSTOMER and causing potential loss of calls from any innocent party who DID NOT get the secret code. That feature is USELESS in my books.
BRING BACK SPECIFIC BLOCK, and dont go making it a 'premium feature'. We know you still make money from marketing scams as they are forced to use your systems to do it, and forget the DNC list, it inCREASED the number of spam callers.

Community Power User
Community Power User

I think you're not up to date on a number of things. You're better off asking a question than making wild assumptions.


1) The phone number that's calling you is spoofed. Faked. Whatever you want to call it. Block one and they call from another. You'll find blocking 12 numbers to be very ineffective.


2) What are you talking about for a "secret code"?


3) The DNC list is completely useless against international scammers. Always has been since day 1. DNC only applies to callers in Canada. Not internationally.


4) Make money from the marketing scams? Unforunately, you are wrong with this assumption.


5) Have you not heard of Call Control? It's FREE and available for both landlines and cellular. It's super effective at blocking robo-calls without even having to add them to a block list.


Its already there.....  its called call control. 

Status changed to: Closed
TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

@endtimes Thanks for participating in the Neighbourhood. Please refer to the links @Nighthawk provided regarding Call Control. In addition, for mobile devices, there are also call block features built-in, available on iOS, and Android. With solutions available, we'll be closing this idea, thanks again 🙂