Zoom compatibility via USB webcam

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At this point we know that these per boxes run on a version of Android as well as the piktv box... so why not activate the USB port to plug in a camera during this pandemic and turn the biggest screen in the house into a social centre instead of trying to teach my wife how to screen share or me moving a computer physically over there and hardwire it to the tv. Of course other apps like zoom and teams etc could would should be supported ..
Status: Closed
Community Manager
Community Manager

Thanks for your submission! Unfortunately, this isn't something we will be able to action since we actually stopped selling the Pik TV Android Media Box as of January 30th, 2021. 


Note: TELUS will continue to support existing customers who have purchased a Pik TV Media Box and continue to honour the 1-year warranty period for Media Boxes purchased since February 1, 2020. 

Status changed to: Closed