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Status: Completed

Apple announced the forthcoming release of iOS 8 today, coming this fall. One of the new features is wifi calling – where you can make voice calls and send SMS messages over a wifi connection instead of the cellular network. This would be a great feature to have in areas where cell signal is weak or nonexistent, but wifi is available. For example, at home I am in a weak Telus area (most of the time I cannot sustain a clear call for more than a few seconds at a time), but obviously I have great wifi through my home network.


T-Mobile in the US has already announced support for wifi calling when iOS 8 is publicly released. I suggest Telus consider doing the same.


Im going to switch to Rogers if they don't enable it soon. I don't get good Telus service at my house!

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Would definitely love to see this as well! I just switched over to telus because I was with Rogers and their service is simply atrocious. Living in an area where only certain parts of my property get reception and sometimes eve with telus I still need to walk up the street to the neighbours to get reception. It's managesble, but if I could make and receive calls and texts over my home wifi network then I wouldn't have any of these concerns. Also if I recall Rogers used to charge for this service? If they didn't then I know it certainly wasn't user friendly to setup, because I tried and failed many times. 


Anyhow, please bring this feature to the telus network, hundreds of thousands of tech obsessed subterranean (read basement dwelling) young people have poor network connections when at home. #firstworldproblems

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this should definitely be added right away

Status changed to: In progress
Neighbourhood Alum
Neighbourhood Alum

Great news! We heard you loud and clear - Our team is hard at work to bring this feature to our customers in 2015.

Stay tuned for updates!


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Has there been any updates on this? It would be great for me as I live in a dead zone. with perfect 3G/LTE signal 2-3 minutes either side of me. I have a booster, but it's mediocre at best. I would gladly test this!

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Does "In Progress" mean it's actually going to be implemented?  I'm seriously considering ditching Fido, and this would be enough of a feature to push me over the fence.

Of course, I can't help but to wonder if it would be included in the standard monthly fee or it'd be more $$$


Any update on an implementation. I view this as different from Telus Extend because this is a built in iOS feature, rather than a separate app. 

Friendly Neighbour

Thanks for the update A Kron!


So we all had the Happy Dance party for a Wifi Calling release in 2015.


Now it is 2016!!


Should we still expect to see Wifi Calling soon?!? Why does it take Telus so much longer than its competitors to offer features that improve serviceability.


Please provide an update.

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Any news on this, Telus?


Just to keep this on the radar, it's almost the end of 2016, so we're well past the point where Telus was going to bring this "in 2015". An update would be nice.

Status changed to: Completed
TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

Hi all.


Cleaning up some older ideas. I'm sure you're aware that it's been iOS has been available for awhile but we've also launched Wi-Fi calling for Android now. Starting with the LG G6 and more devices to come.


Thanks for your ideas 🙂