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Community Power User
Community Power User
Status: New Idea

Currently when browsing recordings on the PVR the only options are 'By Title' and 'By Date'. It would be nice to have additional options for Movie or TV similar to the filter function in the Watch Optik app/website. I have a lot of movies and TV recorded and often just wish to watch one or the other based on time constraints. Currently I have to scroll through all the recordings even though I'm only interested in one or the other.


Watch Optik has a Favourites list that doesn't appear to show up on the PVR. It would great if it was tied to the On Demand Wish List on the PVR or at least have it appear somewhere on the PVR.


The ability to apply a tag to shows. This would be similar to a profile on Netflix or Amazon. If you have more than one person using the PVR all the recordings are lumped together. If you could create a tag for a recording it would then show up under it's own column similar to 'By Title', 'By Date'. Each person in a household could tag their shows and then quickly browse just the shows they are interested in.

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TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

Thank you for sharing these ideas and providing details on how this would improve your experience with Telus' PVR! Our team has reviewed these ideas and will incorporate these ideas into our development process.