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I think if Telus was to implement DDoS mitigation measures such as what CloudFlare offers, or simply by just adding the "DDoS Prevention" setting that the Arcadyan modem/router has, but to the T3200M and the other modem/routers that Telus uses for their network, then Telus would not only be the most secure network in Canada, but they could then advertise this fact to get more customers as well.


Personally, I've been the victim of DDoS attacks about 9 times so far in September (this month) due to me simply being above average in a competitive multiplayer game called Rainbow Six: Siege.


It would also be great to have the option to add a personal VPN service such as SurfShark, ExpressVPN, Private Internet Access, and NordVPN to the modem/router combo provided by Telus in order to most simply achieve perfect DDoS defense.


Thank you for your consideration!


- Tanner (lightning4412)

Status changed to: Requires Clarification
Neighbourhood Alum
Neighbourhood Alum

@Lightning4412 Thanks for submitting your idea. We do have the option of adding Norton VPN to your interenet service, would this help? 

Just Moved In

The Norton Secure VPN appears to be a per device installation and it doesn't look like there's support for gaming consoles.

I think what the commentor above is wanting as well as me is a router that has VPN capability built it so it protects all devices behind it

I have also been hit many times by DDOS's when my son is playing the same game Rainbow Six: Siege

I attempted to install a Linksys VPN router in bridged mode but could not get the new router to work with the Telus T3200M and after many frustrating hours I sent the Linksys back

Just Moved In

@psl As I understand, the Norton VPN offer from Telus is a device-based option, which significantly lowers the reach of the VPN, as certain devices don't offer VPN connectivity, such as the prime suspect: my Xbox One X.


To further clarify: I am requesting the ability to sign into either my personal VPN service on the Telus router itself, OR have the ability to utilize a similar feature, that the Arcadyan router offers, called DDoS Prevention.


Since the option is already available on a Telus router, I assume it'll be easier to implement on all Telus routers.


Thank you!


- Tanner (lightning4412)