Suggestion for the Channel Filter for Optik TV App


I am enjoying the Optik App for AppleTV very much and find it almost perfect.  I appreciate that there are filters so you can have the Guide show all channels or only channels playable on the device.  However, I watch news channels quite frequently and have to scroll down through an enormous list of channels to get to the ones I want to view.  With the Apple remote, if you choose to scroll rapidly, you inevitably race beyond the channel you're looking for. It's rather hard to control the scrolling.  If you go slowly, it can take forever to get to the 800's.


What I would like more than anything is if the Filter option allowed having only a selection of "Favorites". I only watch about 5 channels with the Optik App, but have to scroll through maybe 100.  Would it be possible to add such a filter, where only a "viewer chosen" list of channels appeared?


I suspect other viewers using the Optik App for Apple TV would also appreciate this.

Status: New Idea