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Status: Closed

When Telus contacts us, they should provide the customer with a pin to let the customer know it's really Telus. This pin would be different than the pin the customer provides to Telus when the customer reaches out to Telus.


Too many scams has me thinking it's way to easy to extract info from people that spoof their calls. 


Good idea, it could be as simple as the last 4 numbers of your account account and your postal code.

Status changed to: Closed
TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

Thanks for your suggestion. We had made some inquires internally regarding this idea. It turns out similar ideas had been suggested by our employees as well. However there are strict guidelines within TELUS and from CRTC that we have to adhere to. So this is definitely on our radar, however, due to restrictions, we won't be able to make any changes in the short term. 


As it won't be moving forward, we are closing the idea. And we do want to say thank you for your participation in our forum. We look forward to hearing from you again in the future 🙂