Remove Data Caps for Internet Customers

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Hello Telus,


In light of the recent CRTC decision ( please make Unlimited download free so we are not forced to pay a fee for unlimited or get Optik TV.  I choose to watch youtube and Netflix instead of Optik TV and Telus penalizes us for it by charging extra per month for a service we are already paying for.


Free choice for consumers

What this fee currently does is violates our rights as consumers to choose to obtain our entertainment elsewhere because those who do not wish to subscribe to Optik TV are billed extra. The fee limits consumers by ensuring they have less money to put towards those other services that Optik TV directly competes with.  


Before you reply and argue that we have the choice to consume less media (YouTube or Netflix) and keep our Internet overage fees down instead of paying for unlimited usage please remember that Optik TV customers never get charged overage fees for watching too much TV.


Congestion vs. Total Download

The reason for these overage fees is quite obviously congestion control but the amount of monthly data does not cause congestion so people should not be penalized for it. We should not have to pay extra for downloading a lot of data since it, in itself, does not cause congestion.  We are already paying for the connection at the committed number of Mbps we are subscribed to.


Congestion is caused by the number of people downloading at the same time since eventually we share the same pipe where Telus peers with other networks.  We are already paying for $80/mo for 50Mbps. We should be able to use that 50Mbps all we want for $80/mo. If you cannot handle everyone using their 50Mbps (or whatever they have) at the same time then you are oversubscribing your network and thus hiding behind a data cap to rip us off.


Thanks for reading!


Status: New Idea

Telus caps are a complete joke for decades


you can only use your full speed for about 24 hours a month and its only got worse


so let me get this straight


1 gigabit internet 1 terabyte cap

250 mb internet also 1 terabyte cap




its not based on anything technical


how much you download doesnt even effect them, its the speed of what you download that has any effect on them


if i pay for this speed i should be able to stream endlessly for a hundred bucks a month but im already 25% the way through just from streaming its ridiculous