Puzzle for Charity

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Telus has an excellent TV ad that finishes with a beautiful montage of animals, in a triangular setting on a white background.  If this was made into a puzzle, i.e., 100 pieces for children and/or 1000 pieces for older persons, the profits from its sale could be used for charitable purposes, giving back to Telus communities, etc.  It is just too good not to be used for other purposes.


Status: Closed
Community Manager
Community Manager

Thank you for sharing! We don't see ideas like this too often. For tracking purposes, I'll go ahead and close the idea but I just want to let you know that I shared it with the team who takes care of things like this. There's no guarantee on if/when a puzzle like this will get created but I'm sure the team will be able to use your idea as inspiration in the future. 

Status changed to: Closed