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It would be great to see Pik TV available if you are not using Telus as an Internet provider.

I used to have Telus but moved where the PureFibre is not available and have no choice using Shaw, but I’m missing very much a service like Pik TV, to have basic channels streamed in one app.


Theres so many other services available but not as complete...

Telus is offering PiK to Telus’s clients for 10$ per month... could easily do it for non Telus client for 15-20$.


I would be happy to use the service again...

Just Moved In

What the hell Telus!

Same problem here, stuck with Shaw Without other choices but want Pick Tv, fix this non-sense, get your “geniuses” to work on that, totally ridiculous and aggravating!

Community Manager
Community Manager

Thank you for sharing your feedback. I shared it with our internal ideas team for review.