PIK TV app on Google TV Chromecast


now that the nvidia shield supports the Pik TV app, please also support it on the Google TV Chromecast.


Bonus Points:  Integration with the Live Channels app on Android.

Status: New Idea

Definetly,  would be no different then apple tv integration.


This is an absolute must. Not having Chromecast support for a streaming app such as this is pretty much unacceptable these days. 

Just Moved In

I don't understand gate keeping this feature and would sign up for Pik TV without hesitation. I have chromecasts (with Ethernet) on all our TVs at home and don't feel like buying an Nvidia Shield or Apple TV.


Agree @MetalFaceDoom it's frustrating as a Chromecast owner.  You can work around it by using the channels app (like global, CTV etc) and logging in with Telus.  But honestly I just want it to work.   It's is definitely hurting their viability and with the new Chromecast Android TV it is different from Appletv Integration functionally.