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Status: New Idea

Hello, I recently joined Telus Optik TV from Bell and I'm surprised, unless I'm doing something wrong, that there is no way to search 'movies' without going through every channel in the guide?  With Bell, I could simply choose from various options e.g. Sports/Drama/Movies etc......and if I chose 'movies' it would show results, in date and time range, for all movies on all channels for the next two weeks.   On Telus, the nearest equivalent is on 'live TV filters' where you can choose movies, but it just shows results for movies currently on, so the idea is NEARLY there. Please let me know if I'm doing something wrong and this is actually doable.


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Yes I cant believe this feature is missing.  Wow its like the 1980's again.  What tv service doesnt offer you the ability to dearch by category?