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To Telus Developers and Management,


To be clear, I am running an updated version of chrome browser on the latest updated version of Windows 10.

The Optik TV web interface is decent and for the most part does everything I need. I love the semi-transparent TV-guide that you have implemented, very elegant and easy to use/navigate channels while watching.


Suggestions for your Optik TV Experience:

  • As I have used a few other of your competitors services I find one thing I miss most with the Optik TV web interface is that lack of a volume control for what you are watching. I am currently using a 3rd party add-on to fix this but it is not very convenient.
  • When accessing the Live TV portion of Optik I noticed that when the mouse hovers over a show there is no highlight activated to confirm what you are hovering over. This could be a nice feature that really informs the user and confirms what action they are about to take.
  • Another one for when you are navigating through the Live TV channels, with your competitors’ site there is the option to play the channel by clicking on the feed provider (ie. CBC, TSN, etc.) and it is very clear as a play symbol pops up. This is great and very clear to the user in what next action they are about to take. I realize you can click on the feed provider on your site but it is not highlighted or clear for the general user.

Thank you and I hope my comments might help to create a more user-friendly interface for your users.


Stay healthy!

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