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Status: Closed

Love the look and feel of the remote, but I believe it could be improved.


The first and foremost issue, it's not back lit.  Many times we watch a movie with the kids in the dark and you need to turn the room light on (or use your phone's LED light) just to find the pause button.


If battery life is a concern, then the back light can have an on/off button.


Second the remote doe not have an input button on it.  If I want to change the source/input on my TV, I can't do that with the Telus remote, I have to pull out my TV's original remote.


Status changed to: Closed
TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

@Akash Thanks for submitting your idea. We have received similar ideas in the past from customers and internally from our team members. And our product team is still in the process of evaluating the cost and benefit of introducing a new remote. As this is already in progress, we won't be tracking this idea. We'll make an announcement when we have news to share 🙂 

Just Moved In

this is a question about using search.  how to input a space between typed words.  i do not see the space option