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Status: Closed

Have run into two problems, one which TELUS is supposedly aware of. Why are coupons still showing on-screen with a 120 day expiry when they are truly 90 days? How long does it take to fix this?


Coupon usage takes about three days to process and not "next day" as indicated on the screen. In conjunction with the first issue noted above, I was at the 90 day mark, thinking that I still had 30 more days. I used a coupon on the "last" day. Noticed the next day that my coupon log completely disappeared from the screen, obviously because they were all used or "expired" but the coupon used on the 90th day showed as "coupon available" but since the supposed expiry date was now over, the coupons were "wiped" even before the last one was processed so the movie ended up being charged to me with no coupon applied.

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Status changed to: Closed

This defect has now been resolved 🙂