New post guidelines


It would be helpful to provide guidelines on the new post page advising users to provide basic information for the issue they need help on. There are many posts that just state they have a problem and then it's a game of 20 questions to find the relevant details about the problem. Or posters mistakenly think they are contacting Customer Service.


Examples (not comprehensive by any means):

  • All
    • Do not include any personal information like full name, address, phone number or account numbers.
    • Neighborhood posts are not monitored by TELUS customer service.
  • Mobility Devices
    • Device model.
  • Mobility Services
    • Geographic location for signal issues
    • Device model
    • OS version
  • Internet and Home Phone
    • Plan type
    • Router model
    • Device connection type (WiFi or Ethernet)
    • Optik service?
Status: Under Review
Neighbourhood Alum
Neighbourhood Alum

@xray Thank for the idea! @dru and I will take this away and determine if and how we can incorporate this idea. 

Status changed to: Under Review