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Status: Closed

The App look is great, but it lacks features found in other TV/Interest service providers Apps.


For example, while the Telus App can turn on or off Internet access to a particular device, it is cumbersome and slow.


A few suggestions to get the App up to par with other Apps:


- control of Internet access for a device should be on a individual basis, meaning you shouldn't have to put it in a group

- should be able to set an on and off time (daily settings) for a devices' Internet access, and with a time limit option, ie: the PlayStation has online access from 10am to 7pm only, and a maximum of online time of 2 hours daily

- I should be able to reset my router through the App



Community Power User
Community Power User

There is an option to Restart the modem under Network>Modem>Restart


Status changed to: Closed
TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

Hey there! The T3200 modem actually has the option to pause a single device or multiple devices at once, by creating a profile. The modem is also able to pause the Wi-Fi for a particular profile based on a preset schedule, similar to what you suggested. You could learn more about these features here.


With that said, I couldn't find anything about a timer option. I'll share that one with the team. We'll make sure to post any new features, that get released, to the neighborhood.  

Community Power User
Community Power User

I'm hijacking this thread with some additional comments related to the wi-fi app (IOS).


I have issues with it and my Brother printer. It's connected via ethernet. When I go to Devices it shows up as last connected over a month ago. The problem is I used it yesterday. If I go to the Device details and do a Forget it comes back the next time I use it but then doesn't update last connected unless I Forget it again?! All my other wired and wireless devices update regularly but for some reason the printer doesn't. This used to worked as expected but for the last few months that isn't the case.


In addition I miss the feature that showed the top devices for wifi data usage.


A few UI suggestions:


When viewing the Modem Details there is a Device and Network section. The Device section is expanded but the Network section is not. Why not remove the Network line and just display the IP address as an additional line under Device with no need to click to expand? You could also do the same for the Device details. There doesn't need to be a line for Network and just have the details under that (Last connected, IP & MAC address) as part of Device details (no need to click to expand).