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Status: Closed
Long Customer Service and Technical Service Waits for all of Telus Services anytime of the day, evening or week.
1) Hire more Telus Reps to answer calls.
2) Please provide voice mail so customers can leave a message or set up
A phone system like some companies do where a customer can type in their phone number to receive a call back from Telus.
3) If Telus is unable to handle all the calls and does not have the financing to hire more staff to answer the phone or to upgrade their system to allow us to provide a callback number than it is time for Telus not to take on any more new clients since they are not able to handle the extra business.
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Usually good with callbacks but not always am option...make it consistently available 

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Minimum an HOUR wait time?? TELUS is raking in the cash during the pandemic, with network usages higher than ever before, while the customer service arm is left in the gutter.


I'd recommend if you care about customer service to leave and join one of the smaller providers. They atleast care enough to try and retain your business.

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The most frustrating company they are to deal with.  I have been trying to get a simple problem solved with my remote control they sent me that does not do what it is suppose to do.  


I have been given the run around for over 3 hours trying to get to someone that will help.  The first fellow decided he could not help so he hung up.  I had to start all over again.  The second person send me to support where I was on hold for 50 minutes.  I am still on hold.


This is not customer service!!

Status changed to: Closed
TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

@cholton3 We do apologize for the wait times. It may not seem like so, but we do constantly monitor our wait times, and make improvements internally to help reduce it. More often than not, efforts we take will take some time to translate into meaningful results. For instance, new staff won't be able to help answer calls immediately, and typically take 4-8 weeks of training to become fully productive. Of course, these are factors that fall to us to take into account, and to build into our forecast. Again we do apologzie, we do take wait times seriously, and rest assured we are doing what we can to keep it at a minimum. 

TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

@KarenCampbell Sorry for the frustration. If you still haven't received the help you needed, please send me a private message, I'll do what I can to help. 

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I called Telus for technical support on 01 April ,2021 in the evening.

I just moved to TELUS 2 weeks ago from SHAW.

I called  18888112323 for a technician to come and fix my Front Door Camera. Mr. Milton an Telus Agent was attending to my call ,after I waited for more than ONE AND HALF HOUR, He was doing help after asking me questions, then he told me to wait as he trying to schedule a technician to the fix the problem. I was holding and waiting for his reply ,THEN ALL OF DUDEEN I HEARED AN RECORDED MESSAGE ," OUR OFFICE IS CLOSED NOW .CALL DURNG BUSSINESS HOURS.AND COMMUNICATION STOPPED.

My Blood Pressure went up and my Brain was stunned to have such a behavior by Telus Boos I waited for more than 2 Hours to get my problem fixed. I messaged to Telus about this incident but I did not got any RESPONSE.


I believe there might be Dozens others having such incidences. 


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Unbelievably poor customer service experience. Ive emailed 5 times to redeem a New Home offer and now been on hold for 1.5 hours. absolutely ridiculous. Ive left 3 voicemails (the first was 8 days ago).


Sufficed to say I will be cancelling my service and switching to Rogers for mobile and Starlink for internet. Its 2021 and they expect paying customers to wait on hold for hours hahaha... that is exactly why they'll be out of business in 2 years. Very unimpressed. Spend some money on customer service FFS.

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My internet is down in the middle of the holidays. I tried to call Telus but the waiting time is more of an hour?? Dear Telus, you are charging extreme amounts just for home internet. Also, you ripped us all during the pandemic by increasing prices. It is quite simple, after paying $115 every month for a basic service, no one wants to wait more than an hour on phone. Why don't you have enough people for customer service? 


I will change my service provider as soon as I can. Thank you for the horrible customer experience!