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Status: New Idea
It's frustratingly difficult to find live programs. The search function has a bias towards on demand programs. The as-you-type matches for live programs are off screen. There's too much drill down, scrolling and cursoring to go through the matches.

The search would be much better if I could filter on a category like live TV as well as ignore SD matches. I would also like an option to display just a list of match titles instead of the pictures. The pictures add zero functional value and take up too much screen space. I'd rather see the description in that space if anything.

The whole point of the search is to find my program with as few button presses as possible. I want to spend my time watching or setting a recording for the program, not looking for it. Right now I need to cursor and scroll way too much. The current layout and functionality isn't very user friendly, at least not for this user.
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@Amyj Are you reviewing ideas to pass on to the Optik team? Not sure how far back you are looking so I'm pinging you for this one.😊


In addition to being able to filter out SD programs it would be useful to be able to filter by program language. Presenting search results for a language I don't understand is not helpful at all.