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Hi, I am new to this platform so bare with me.

I was speaking to a Telus representative and wanted to receive confirmation of payment through email. Unfortunately, it was mentioned that it isn't a possibility due to security concerns. So I asked to provide details of what that might be. It was mentioned that emails are easily hackable and that information can be extracted in that manner. I wasn't sure if there were more details that were missing from that statement. I cannot see how that would be any more insecure than receiving emails that my bill is ready. Mind you that this "bill ready" confirmation does include details involving my account. They did provide the option of getting the notification through my phone but it felt like it would make a messy job of my records as now I have email notification and phone notifications.


I wish to suggest this as checking my account to see whether or not I have made the payment is a bit of a hassle. Lately, I have been missing on my bill payments and trying to adjust to making payments online (Not missing payments through Telus by the way). There are numberous things on the computer that can often makes things disorganized and to keep things organized can take up time. If we had the option to receive email notifications it will help to keep things automatically organized.


This is extra relevant info. I currently use Thunderbird to manage multiple emails registered with multiple online accounts. This will help categorize all of the emails I receive and help me automatically keep a history of what's going on. Admittingly, I don't spend the time to read all the emails as I need to focus my time somewhere else as many emails tend to give me Ads or not so valuable information. In this case, I wish to use my email system that I have to be able to track my financial history. If something seems odd to me I can find my records all in 1 place. I can also imagine this being useful for people who use 1 email address. I imagine they could be receiving tons of emails on a regular basis but there is often a search function for them to filter through their email if needed.


If someone from Telus could hear me out that would be great!

Community Power User
Community Power User

Why not manage your account from MyTelus 


I think Telus offered this service once, pretty sure I was signed up, also pretty sure I never received any notifications. It was so long ago tho. They send bill notifications by email and text, so why not payment posted notifications? Males no sense. My credit card sends "payment posted" texts. 

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Community Power User

I manage all my payment information through my banking interface. None of my routine bills give any notice of payment until the next bill (hydro, gas, telecommunications, etc.). When a bill arrives, I go to my online banking and set a payment date. I could set up automatic debit, but I use the additional step to remind me to confirm the consumption and amount owing.



Personally I find auto payments a hassle free way to ensure things get paid. Telus sends a notice when your bill is ready and you can log in online to view it. In that mode, you can download a PDF copy of your bill and see when your last payment was posted. I don't think they are keen on adding an automated system that would be used by only a handful of people. I think text is likely a low impact way for them to do so.


@TerranceBanh, I feel for you. Not sure what is going on with TELUS. I was receiving confirmation of payment by e-mail until it recently stopped for no known reason. There is no security issue as there was really no private information shared on that e-mail, just confirming a received payment and the amount. On the same note, I am no longer receiving bill notifications even though I was getting them regularly by e-mail and text. No, they are not in my junk mail. Yes, both options are checked-off for delivery in my account. The responses to your post are quite funny. I suppose that if you asked a repair question about fixing your car so that you can get to work, people would respond that you could take the bus.

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Closed with no resolution?