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Status: Under Review
I’m hoping Telus will add DisneyPlus to the home screen apps like Netflix/YouTube etc
Community Power User
Community Power User

It will depend if Disney releases a compatible app. At present they do not appear to have plans to support IPTV set top boxes.


Disney+ Supported platforms:


Desktop Web Browsers (via streaming)

Disney+ desktop browser system requirements


Mobile Devices and Tablets (via free downloaded app)

Android phone and tablet

Apple iPhone and iPad


Smart TVs (pre-installed or via free downloaded app)

LG WebOS Smart TVs

Samsung Tizen Smart TVs

Android TV Devices


Set-top Boxes and Game Consoles (via free downloaded app)

Apple TV (4th Generation and later)

Sony PlayStation 4


Xbox One


Other Streaming Devices (via free downloaded app)



Apple AirPlay

Amazon FireTV

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If you go to the main menu and go down to apps you can open the google play store and download it there! I came here to figure out how and then saw this and was disappointed but then went and played around and figured it out. 

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Community Power User

Disney+ is available on the Pik TV box specifically. It won't be out on Optik.

Status changed to: Under Review
Neighbourhood Alum
Neighbourhood Alum

@nikonrachel Thanks for your idea submission. Disney+ is certainly an area of opportunity our content team had identified based on its popularity. So it is on our radar, but there isn't any news that we can share yet. Once we know more, we'll share it right here within this thread! 

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is Disney+ available on Telus OptikTV

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Community Power User

Not currently. Disney hasn't felt it necessary to release Disney+ on standard set top boxes yet. 


I'm certain Telus would announce if Disney+ becomes available on Optik due to it's popularity. 


In the mean time, keep an eye on Disney's support page that lists supported devices and platforms

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Is there anything Telus can do to lobby Disney and advocate for development of the app?

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Is it available now in January 2021? Please...

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Community Power User

It won’t be available unless Disney supports the platform as was previously stated above. 


Disney does what Disney wants, period. At present they have said there are no plans to make their service available on traditional cable boxes. It's almost like they know cable is outdated tech, and in decline. Disney+ is available on pretty much every other smart device anyways, including TVs.