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My Telus router is failing to route traffic from the LAN to the external WAN IP. This means that I must use 2 different URLs to access each of my home file and game servers; one for inside the LAN and one from outside my home.



Community Power User
Community Power User

I had this issue with my NAS on my local network. I could get to it via the IP address but not with the URL on my internal network. Externally it worked fine. The quick fix is to put the name in the hosts file. You would need to do this on each system on your LAN than needs to access the local servers.


More info here:


Alternatively you would need to set up a DNS server on your LAN.

Just Moved In

Yup, Telus router is not smart enough to do loop backs. You can use two seperate configs on you client depending on if you are outside your network or inside.  Or get a new router. I recommend pfsense with openVPN setup. Works great!

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