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Hello, My name is Amir, and I live in <personal info removed by admin>.


For the past 6 years we've been stuck with the same 5-6Mbit/s Download 0.6Mbit/s Upload DSL service in Dunrobin, despite being so close to a major city. This isn't nearly enough for 4 adults in one household.


This is also despite the fact that LTE coverage here is good with a mobile speed test of 55Mbit/s Download and 18.9Mbit/s Upload.


I recently came across Smart Hub and it would be perfect for us, except despite the fact that there is good Telus 4G/LTE coverage here, I was told that this service was not available here.


This is a shame as the only other realistic option here is XplorNet which advertises 25Mbit/s Downloads via LTE with unlimited data but according to reviews does not even deliver 10% of what they advertise. In fact most of the reviews of XplorNet are terrible.


To provide some context this is where we live with respect to Ottawa; again I think it prudent to mention that internet service here has not improved in the last half decade.





Please bring Telus Smart Hub internet service to our Area, as I'm confident pretty much everyone would opt into the service given how terrible internet here is.


To put some context for re-assurance the majority of these households are in $600K CAD plus range, so they will probably opt for the highest tier service.

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There is already an existing discussion regarding Smart Hubs and Ontario. Please read the information here:

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