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Wow.....just wow.


Hi, you may be familiar with my case from the post below (entitled "bad customer service")


So let me summarize the situation:


Back in early june, I signed up for a business account online. I spoke with an a rep named Vic on the Telus chat feature and he sent me an agreement. I opted to include a Samsung Galaxy S5 with my account.


The paperwork was filled out and signed, and Vic told me it would be 3-5 business days. 5 days past, so I figured I'd call and see what was going on. I was then told that, because my company was newly registered and had no history yet, a $400 deposit was needed to activate the account. No problem. I called and paid the deposit via credit card. Was not given a order # or confirmatino email, but whatever.


On June 11th, i called and asked what was going on, and was told my phone should have been sent out. I was told a generic "3-5 business days" and asked to be patient. I asked for a tracking number, so i could at least track my phone and wouldn't have to keep calling back (as every time I called I invariably waited for up to 30 minutes to finally get through to someone who understood what i was asking about).


After being put on hold for another 20 minutes, I was told that - with great apologies - the phone had not in fact been sent yet, but would be sent first thing in the AM. They confirmed my address. Yesterday (June 17th) I figured enough time had past so i called again. I waited on hold for about 20 minutes and past around (of course) but finally someone could bring up my account. I was told that I should be getting it anyday, that it had been sent out. When I asked how they knew it was sent out, they said they saw a note on my file dated June 11th saying it would be gone out first thing in the AM. That's good, I said, but can i at least have a tracking number? After all this, I still did not have confirmation that my phone had even been SENT, let alone know when it would arrive. I was then put on hold again, and they came back with a "well that's odd....there's normally a tracking nuumber here, but there doesn't seem to be one". After another 10-15 minute wait on hold, I was told that they couldn't seem to find it, but she'd get right on it, and could she email me when she knew? (I don't have a # to be called back at b/c I cancelled my Koodo account 2 weeks ago when I had signed paperwork with Telus and been told "3-5 biz days"). She promised she'd email me regardless of what she found out, even if only to say they couldn't find it.


Of email. On a sidenote, my account was activated June 11th and I could log on to my Telus account and see that my billing clock had already started. I'm on my 7th day of the billing cycle already, with no phone and out $400. Great customer service, right?


anyways, I call back today, and after doing the obligatory 30 minute hold thing, get this: My account has been flagged as "potential fraud" and cancelled. The kicker: No way to contact the security dept except through $%&@* email!!!! Which takes 24-48 hours (and it being Wednesday, we're looking at Monday before they even see it). And because i don't have a callback # (b/c I cancelled my old one in anticipation of my Telus one) I don't even know if they'll get back to me at all. They have NEVER contacted me back thru all of this. It's always been me calling them to discover one unpleasant surprise after another.


you read that rright......Telus reps (even the managers) DO NOT have a phone number they can use to contact the security dept, even internally. I wasn't asking for the guys home phone number. I was asking THEM to call security and find out what the $%# is going on! I don't know how there can be "fraud" when I wasn't even sent my phone. They were unable to provide me with a tracking # even. And if there's something as serious as potential fraud, then you BETTER BE ABLE TO BE REACH THE SECURITY DEPARTMENT ON A TELEPHONE!!!! Something like this needs to be sorted out immediately. Not via email and they'll look at it in "24-48" hours.


Frankly, like i told the lady on the phone, after taking my $400 with absolutely no customer support or of the rpomised service, and THEN cancelling my account with no way to talk with these people directly, if tehre's any fraud being perpetrated, it's on the part of Telus. I don't understand how a supossedly major Canadian company can have such incompetent operations. I'm a business owner myself.....this is NOT how you treat customers if you want to stay in bsuiness much longer.


So now I'm out $400 and most importantly, I DON'T HAVE A PHONE THAT I NEED TO OPERATE MY BUSINESS. If Telus wants to treat their customers like garbage and run a mickey mouse operation, that's their business. But now that incompetence is hurting MY business, and that's not going to fly.


I have zero hope that this message will do anything, but who knows? Maybe somebody with some seniority and some sense will see it and try to rectify this situation. I've tried all the other avenues (Twitter support, for example, told me they'd look into it and get back to me.....last week).


I understand this is a Telus forum and as such very lkely will be deleted pretty soon. The beauty of the internet, however, is that this kind of thing can get exposed far easier. I'll be posting my experience on and every other Canadian consumer website. As well, I'm very active in my citys Chamber of Commerce and other CoC's around the province, and I'll be telling my fellow entrepeneuers to stay as far away from Telus as possible. It's not the intial mess ups that is the problem.....every company makes mistakes. It's the inability/unwillingness to FIX the problems even after they've become known to them.


Something as simple as opening a mobile account has been a complete nightmare from day one. What a debacle.


Greetings again Robbie25!


We'd like to take a look into this matter for you and aid you as much as we can. We've sent a Private Message your way regarding this matter. Please let us know when you have replied to it. Thank you for your patience.

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Customer relations manager phone number


An additional note: Did your $400 deposit get cashed or did it fail(insufficient funds or wrong account number entered), which may of triggered 'fraud alert'?  Your online account access to your credit card company should show that.


No I used my credit card, it went through.

Greetings again Robbie25!


We'd like to take a look into this matter for you and aid you as much as we can. We've sent a Private Message your way regarding this matter. Please let us know when you have replied to it. Thank you for your patience.

i don't know how to read PM's. Can you direct me?


Or you could email me directly, [email protected]

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You could also try the Telus Privacy department.


Contact number near bottom.