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Why can't Telus just ship me a T3200M?

I called in today to inquire about getting my V1000H replaced with a T3200M gateway. After being repeatedly told by a rep that the T3200M was "only a modem and has no routing or wifi capabilities" (I'm convinced he was lying to me) he agreed to send out a tech.

There is another problem. I need to configure the router with forwarded ports before I replace my old one and this needs to happen overnight when people aren't connected to my servers.

Apparently Telus can't ship out equipment and I am told the tech won't let me self-install equipment (aka won't drop it off). Is this true or did I just get a bad rep?

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It may depend a lot on how well you can sweet talk the Tech. Their preparedness to support the path you wish to take varies between Techs.


You could install your own router to meet all your needs, and simply bridge the Actiontec port 1 to your router!


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Just keep in mind, while many of us have a T3200M. Most of us on the forums here, use our own routers. As the overall configurations is lacking in the firmware amoung many other issues/quirks it has.

Is there a reason you want to upgrade?


Rep was obviously thinking of the wrong model.  Telus and actiontec have not been terribly consistent in the model naming.  Used to be the H at the end was for combo wifi and router and M was indicating a bridged modem only.  Now the T3200M has router and wifi but with M at the end of the model number breaking that convention.


The T2200M is the modem only device.  Supports 2 line bonding but has no wifi and router is not enabled so it acts as a "dumb" modem in bridge mode.  Has 3 10/100 ports and 1 Gigabit port all bridged.   You can access it's user interface only by hard coding a PC to mask and going into the web interface at with password on the sticker.  Useful to view line stats but not much else.  Best option if you want to only use your own router on business account without TV.  Can be hard to get if you wanted it for a residential account since its unsupported for TV (works but troubleshooting multicast settings for TV on 3rd party routers is very hard)


The T3200M has built in wifi and router.  Supports dual band 802.11ac wifi.  This is the current version of the router used for consumer installs.  Supports bonding VDSL lines, or on fibre the gigabit WAN port.  Works fine on business account but many installers will assume all business customers just wanted the bridged modem so you need to specifically ask for it on a business install that doesn't include TV.


Older models:

The T1200H is a single line VDSL router with 2.4Ghz 802.11n.  Needs extender to give you 802.11ac wifi support.

The T2200H is bonded line version VDSL router with 802.11n. 

The x200h models support G.INP on bonded model and had port1 bridging from the start.


The V1000H is single line VDSL router with wifi.  This version didn't allow port 1 bridging (may have changed with more recent update)

The V2000H is bonded line VDSL router.  Does not support G.inp or PhyR on bonded connection so runs in interleaved mode for a bit higher latency.


The Zyxel VSG1432 single line VDSL router.  Not very common.  Any time I have encountered this one I have had trouble configuring it as it doesn't like newer browsers and the wifi performance was pretty bad.  


The Alcatel 7130 A2010TEL single line VDSL modem.  Used to be the business bridged modem.  Single ethernet port.  The newer T2200M modem would be a better choice.  I believe they also officially only supported it up to 25Mbit plans due to chipset performance concerns.