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Telus Business Connect - Cloud Based VOIP - Reference - review?

Just Moved In


I would LOVE to speak to an existing client of Telus Business Connect.


I am sincerely considering the product/service for my business.


Let me know if we can have a very brief conversation or tell me about your thoughts on the product here


Just Moved In

Hey Howard, I work with the Business Solutions team at Telus and it's great to see that you're considering Business Connect as your VoIP solution!

It'd be great for a current Business Connect client to chime in but I thought I'd leave a link to a review that one of our customers left us on their website:


Scadalink is an oil and gas company and they replaced their legacy VoIP solution that was a mixture of hardware and software, Internet, and phone from different providers.They're most happy about the simplicity of Business Connect and how it's driving more effective communication for their teams both in field and in office.



Hi Tim, I wonder if you could refer me to some businesses / companies in Vancouver (or North Van) that are using TELUS Business connect.

I am doing a research regarding the use of TELUS Business connect and need to speak to users / companies that are using it.
Do you mind a short phone calls chat?


Thanks for your help!



It is called Ring Central with a Telus logo.  Most reviews will be for the original branding.  Just look for videos and reviews on the Ringcentral product.  There are no differences.



@stavan I'm a business customer who is using it, I can't in good conscience recommend buying this service through Telus. 


I would run the other way.   The Ring Central platform is incredible, but Telus is unwilling or unable to support it in any meaningful way.   


Want to add a license to the account, expect to spend 3 hours on the phone, and then wait 2~3 weeks.   


Want to have a simple technical questrion answered, expect to spend days being bounced from rep to rep, each more clueless than the last.  


Telus' customer service is atrocious, and you would be much better off buying the service from RingCentral directly;  it will cost you a couple dollars more, but they are well equipped to handle any issues that come up, and their support is leagues better.