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Recent Voicemail Upgrades

Just Moved In
On September 11th my voicemail was upgraded on both my business line and my home line. It took me until Sept 19th to realize that no one was leaving me any voicemail on my home line. After calling I realized that the automated message offered callers access to all of the admin features generally reserved for the mail box owner. After numerous calls to repair I gave up and had them simply delete the voicemail account and start over. Even that simple procedure took several calls. Now if you are like me you have your voicemail messages delivered to your email account. Having finally had the account reset I started the process of logging in to the online management software so that I could set up email forwarding. No joy there. So I spent 54 minutes in chat with a Telus rep trying to get online access. No luck but I was told that someone would contact me in the next two days to try to resolve the problem. It’s now the 25th and I have heard nothing. Now I come to find that I am unable to access the online voicemail management features of my business line. Fortunately calls are still being correctly routed to my email address. I doubt I am the only one having this trouble so I am wondering if anyone has a solution for this… other than dumping Telus? “At Telus… We’re not happy until you’re not happy!

Helpful Neighbour

We are sorry to hear about your recent experiences contacting TELUS and we like to assure you that these type of situations are not taken lightly. Currently depending on your location TELUS has gone through a large technology switch over for our Voicemail service. We would like to contact you directly to further understand the situation and if the impact is due to our system migration.