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Outgoing Name Display

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My mother has a business account for her numbered company. She operates with a business name.


We have struggled with Telus for seven weeks to have them change the Outgoing Name Display to match the business name on our landline.


Telus has bounced us around from call centre to call centre with no solution. We are losing business as clients will not answer the phone when they see "1001xxx" on their call display instead of "Busines Name."


Does anyone have any ideas? 


*We also have Telus business internet and security at the business location. Every step with Telus has been a struggle.


Community Power User
Community Power User

There is a change of business name /change of business ownership process, which includes completing a form with a fair bit of business info. My guess is without a registered business name, Telus defaults to the registered name, which is the numbered company name. You will need to contact the Business support line to get this started.


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TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

Hello Dan,


Sorry to hear that you've had difficulty in getting the help that you need. I'll be happy to get you in touch with an expert to resolve any issues and answer any questions that you may have.


Please send me a private message with your business name and contact information, and I'll have someone get in touch.


Sales should be able to submit a service order to change the outbound caller name display.  If they are not doing that correctly, then I guess try again.  

Of course if you call someone who already saved your name in their address book then it's likely it would show up as whatever name they saved as that is how most phones work with existing contacts when the number matches.


But Telus also sells a voice over IP service called business connect that allows you to customize the call display name you are transmitting to the network.

The help document is here:


If you have third party voice over IP services they can often allow on the fly changes to the name sent.  Often these will show custom names based on the extension used via the PBX software or the outbound trunk used depending on how the administrator programs things.  But most voip trunk providers for Canada just send whatever name the system sets on each call.  (in the USA they do things a bit differently with databases so many voip providers may not understand the system in Canada)


For business landline services with Telus I have had them change both the name and the displayed numbers (for lines 2+ so they show the main) Alternate number delivery is what they called changing the number it showed.  And "Outgoing Name Display" to change the business name shown.  


For small business requests like this I have emailed them at E-mail: [email protected] for Alberta