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Faster upload speed required

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Long story short, I run a home business, I used to have business adsl, some agent there switched me to a residential plane without my say so.  We've lived with it for a few years.  Anyhow, we're on a 15/1 plan, we get an actual 12.88mbps down at best, and .79mbps up.  As part of what we do we need a faster upload, where we are due to limitations of the copper/distance from the switch centre we're on the fastest plan (so we can't get the 25/5 plan, which would have been awesome)


A local Telus Tech told me we should be able to get HDSL, which if we could would be awesome, but I see nothing about that on your website, so how would we get costs/plans?







Vdsl-15 is what you want. It comes with a 3Mbps upload speed.  Adsl-15 comes with your current upload speed.


To get, its a simple thing of having your port changed from Adsl to Vdsl.  Hopefully someone in the business home support(level 2) section of Telus knows how to get that resolved for you(or contact your local Telus Tech to avoid Telus call support). Its an override in some areas, as Telus continues to upgrade old Dslams to Vdsl technology and not always provisioning Internet-15 automatically as Vdsl.


With your listed current download speed, there may need to be some tech work on your phone line to see if Vdsl-15 is doable. Part of that is installing a POTS splitter(DSL signal filter from phone service) in your demarc(entry point on home), if not already installed.


Its easy for an onsite Telus tech to call into their support department to have the port switched to Vdsl for 2 hours as a test of stability. If test is successful, order can be processed next day for upgrade. Using Telus Gateway of old V1000H or new T1200H(has port1 bridge, so you can use your own router without the Telus gateway interfering).


An alternative is bonding 2 Vdsl-15 lines to get Vdsl-25(V2000H or T2200H(with port1 bridge) gateway). Your upload can then be double of Vdsl-15.  Once again, another override.  Also needing a free port at the Dslam and an extra phone line pair to your home. Telus prefers to save line bonding for Internet-50, as they make more money for using up a second port.