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Did anyone preorder an iPhone 6 using a Telus business account?

Just Moved In

So I tried my best to pre-order the new iphone 6+ this being the first time i've attempted to do so as a business customer.


Not sure if everyone else had the same experience as me but as i watched my co-workers and friends swiftly move through the Telus "consumer account" pre-order page and set themselves up for launch day, I ended up at a stand still with the Telus "business account" iphone pre-order process. Our webpage submits an information form to Telus and I'm guessing they were supposed to call us back and confirm our pre-orders.


I never heard back. and after several attempts at pre-ordering over the phone with Telus business representatives, I never heard back if those attempts panned out either.


Finally on launch day I called again to check to see if anything had changed and was told that they would get to my pre-order inquiry (now just an order inquiry) when they had the time. still no order number.


Anybody else have this experience? please chime in. I'm not too familiar with the order processes at Telus and i wouldn't mind being educated on that topic.



Hey @inDesigner 


A few of my colleagues had a very similar experience. It looks like TELUS pulled a Rogers this year and delayed all their business customers pre-orders. It's also a bit crazy that business customers can't pre-order in the same way as their consumer customers.


I think you should submit an idea on to change this broken process. 🙂

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