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BusinessConnect Support Hold TIme Conspiracy

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Over the past few days, I've had to contact Telus Business Connect support by phone at 866-558-2273. I press 1 for english, dial my billing phone number, then press 3 for tech support.


Of the past 4 or 5 times I have called, my hold time has been exactly two hours, 0 minutes, and 0 seconds; no more, no less. At the end of the two hours hold, the Telus IVR voice comes on, says "calls are recorded for quality assurance purposes," and my call instantly rings through. It's so reliable that I actually call in, put the call on hold on my handset, and then make a timer to come back to the call in 1h 58m.


The rep I ultimately reach often is not a rep for Business Connect. I have reached reps for Telus Secure (building security cameras), POTS copper phone, Office Internet, etc. One call, I was actually put through to an empty room where I could hear the sounds of domestic life and barking dogs. I heard that for about 30 minutes before I heard what sounded like someone fumbling with the handset and then I was disconnected. I have started to record my calls through Business Connect to build proof that this weird call handling is systematic and repeatable. 


Have I discovered a weird function or bug in the Telus phone tree that my call gets dumped over to any warm body as soon as the two hour mark hits, regardless of the department? Has anyone else discovered this? Is there a more reliable way to contact Business Connect support?


Community Power User
Community Power User

You can talk to them via online chat on the website or request a call back. Anytime i had to call them for my business related issues i rarely have to wait more then 5 min.

@WestCoasterBC I'm Medium/Large business and I don't have a chat option. I only have a request callback via email option. Those callbacks usually take 3-5 days. Sometimes, I never get a call back.


If I try to use the chat, as soon as I give the chat CSR my account number, they direct me to call in and they wrap up the chat with me.

Just Moved In
I have had the same terrible experience logging almost 8 hrs with telus in the last 2 days. Telus is a time patasite for businesses. Everything should be accessible via online for small businesses. The Optik TV won't allow changes to be made online through a business account, you MUST call for changes. The full guide cannot be dispkayed only with the residential pkgs, how archaic is this??? Looking to move everything to another service provider. The security cameras are sub standard as well, with 1 cocky agent asking if we've tried a booster. Why would we need to get a booster on a system the tech installed? The tech should have said something at install. Infact the camera furthest away from the modem is fine. The agents dont listen or try to really understand the issues. Faster service with 5G maybe. Slowest and worst customer service period.