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Our business split about a year ago.  My location decided to move to VOIP.  Worked with sales to get what we thought was the correct equipment and package for our needs.  At that time advised them of the split and name change.  White Glove service came out and advised we had the wrong services for what we needed.  No problem, contact sales and upgraded services but never got clarity as to what we received for specials and such or if the deal the salesman gave us came through.  Asked about name change and was advised not their department.  Started getting bills for old system and new system.  After four months the old account was corrected but never got a great analysis of charges as to what was owed and what was reversed.  Again requested name change and told it was in process.  9 months later, multiple "escalation" emails sent, numerous phone calls with people who are out of country so on different time of day, or getting hung up on as being transferred to another department, or not getting a number to call as staff are working at home and still no clarification if we have received all the benefits we were to supposed to get, or clarification if we have received the credits we were supposed to.  Still name change is not done with no answer.  Every time we call or email we start from scratch as nobody seems to keep record of what has been done or they can not access it.  Is this a Connect issues, has Telus expansion and growth left their customer service behind, or is it a time for change?  I agree the COVID has impacted all of us but business does need to go on and we have all had to adjust and adapt.  Are people having similar experiences?


Just Moved In

Ditto for business internet contact.  Cannot reach anyone unless you wait for an hour between 9am-5pm.  What happened?  Self serve is fine unless telus screws up your bill with extra fees and complex billing bundles.  To hell with them.

We are still waiting for changes to be made and multiple escalation emails get us no where as we have not received a response.  Main outstanding item is simply to get the correct business name on the account.  Every time we need to make a change to hours of operation we have to jump through hoops to talk to technical support as we don't have anyone that can provide instructions.  We have worked around other issues as needed.  From an internet perspective we purchased 5 static ip's as this is what we required for our security and server set up.  After working with a Telus onsite contract rep we were told the firewall and Telus system would not work so we had to work around with extra firewalls and older tech.  In terms of billing I guess I have to assume I paid correctly for what I got and what discounts I was supposed to get.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi there, sorry to hear that you've both had difficulty in getting the help that you need. I'll be happy to get you in touch with an expert to resolve any issues and answer any questions that you may have.


@Kevin5 Please send me a private message with your business name and contact information, and I'll have someone get in touch. 


@IhateTelus11 Please also provide the details of the problems that you've been having with your internet. 


Thank you!

Hi Kevin,
phone service is 9-5 and each session is about an hour. The folks in the Phillipines and Guatemala are super nice, but it takes a long time to describe the problem. I eventually might make it to a "manager" re-explain the problem then hold another 20min and maybe resolution or not. Recently I did get through to a manager and we have been able to make email contact.

All of my problems stem from a customer service error last April 2020. We signed up for Internet 75 + landline (bundle) at the recommendation of the CSR. As it turns out this was a fiber product and not available to our location.

Instead (nobody told us) and we were left on the original internet plan (10Mbps) and have been dealing with ongoing network crashes and backup crashes.

The remedy from Telus for all this was to back-charge to me $715 for the additional costs of the original slow plan. I had to diagnose the reason for all our computer problems (as internet speed was never bumped up). And each call to CS was unhelpful and an extreme time waste during my office hours (we also work 9-5, so this is tricky).

If it were my screw up, I wouldn't be so annoyed. This one was caused by Telus and I am on the hook for additional costs (for some reason) and we never saw any upgrades to our internet speed as per Telus' promise.

To add insult to injury, its impossible to get through.
thanks for your note,

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey Todd, thanks for the extra information. I'd be happy to get you in touch with someone that can help resolve any outstanding issues. If you can send me a private message with your business name and contact info, we'll have someone contact you at a time of your convenience. Thanks!


I want to chime in that this is not an isolated problem.   Telus seems completely unwilling to support this product, even the most basic of questions can't be answered by their support agents, if you're even able to get one of them on the phone. 


The level of service we've received is absolutely unacceptable, shocking even.   We've now blacklisted Telus for any additional services, and will be migrating to RingCentral when our team has time to make the switch. 


@Kevin5 I am also having an issue. 

My workplace recently switched over to Telus Business Connect VOIP for our phone system. Support for the phone setup and number porting so far has been nothing short of a nightmare, and we are currently paying for a new phone system that is barely usable.

I was trying to find any official information/online documentation/forums, but just about everything related to Business Connect on Telus' own website returns with a 502 Bad gateway error or an "Oops! We couldn't find that page or article." What gives?

Is anybody else dealing with similar Telus Business Connect issues? If so, where do you go on the internet, or what phone number do you call to get some useful help?

The Telus business connect system is a rebranded version of Ring Central.  

All the software and admin documentation for Ring Central is another resource you can check for most things when it comes to configuring the system, buttons, etc.


Telus provides the end user support, and billing.  But the software is from ring central and Telus did not make it and does not run the service.

When browsing the Telus website, make sure you click the business tab along the top edge of the page first before going to the support area otherwise you are likely to end up in the personal area where they do not have much info on business connect.

Telus specific issues with business connect will be along the lines of billing issues, any number porting documentation and the contact details to talk to someone live to get support.



If your issues are more about the general use of the system then the ring central forums and support pages can have more active community and examples to help you walk through the software side of things.  

For more check here:

and here:




And the Telus contact number

Business Connect (Cloud based Voice over IP)
Billing and Account inquiries 8am - 5pm local time, Monday - Friday;


24/7 Technical Support


@Upcraft thank you