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TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

We see a lot of questions on the Neighbourhood about software updates, so I wanted to spend some time explaining how the whole process works.


The truth is that TELUS does not have a lot of input into if a device will receive an update. When a device is selected to receive a software update, however, we try to ensure the best possible customer experience before the software update is released. To ensure a successful launch, the updates go through a multi-step, multi-party testing and certification process before being released. 


One important note about the infographic below: in nearly all cases, a second build of the software is created based on feedback from both TELUS and the device manufacturer. This subsequent software build is put through the same process, and any previously identified issues are re-tested.


For a look at some of the upcoming device software releases, please see the Software Update article.


Here’s a look at the life cycle of a software update:



Good info. The TELUS page for Get Help/Mobility/Devices/Software Updates should have a link to this post. Perhaps this post could have a link back to that page in turn. 

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Is this just for manufacturer related updates like the ones Samsung pushes out that might not necessarily be OS updates? I thought as soon as iOS updates were ready Apple was able to push them directly to customers via their iTunes accounts, and Microsoft has been working to avoid carrier involvement to avoid delays as well.

While quality assurance is great, it's pretty disheartening knowing that a Galaxy S6 with Android 5.0.2 right now probably won't get the M update when it comes out this fall until April or so of next year. Yes, this is partly in turn because Samsung layers their own software on top of the Android OS, but really, are carriers so different nowadays they need to go through even more rigorous testing at that level? If Apple can go direct to customers, why can't anybody else? The only exception to this seems to be Google's Nexus devices. Case in point, 5.1.1 has been rolled out on many carriers fixing many issues including battery drain and memory leaks, but seems to be nowhere in sight for Canadian customers. 

I realize this isn't really a Telus specific rant, the service they provide in my experience has been great. It's just frustrating there's so much red tape updates have to go through, which is part of the reason people are willing to jailbreak/root their devices and do it themselves.


@RickH​ Apple, Samsung, Microsoft and even Google with their Nexus line still have to go through this process. The reason you see different software release dates with certain OEMs (Samsung) in different countries is because the OEM may start the release cycle at different times They may start in the US first and then decide to expand to Canada, the UK, etc. This means, depending on the country, that the software release dates may very wildly, especially if there is a regulatory board (like in Canada) that needs to have final approval of the OS. 

Apple, and for the most part Google, have managed to avoid this type of fragmentation by starting the development/testing process at the same time across the globe. I'm sure if you asked @MarcTELUS​ he would confirm they are testing the iOS 9 beta currently to make sure it's ready for it's global debut in September.

I too share your frustration, but this is what I would call a REAL first world problem. Haha

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First world problem ? If I can put my 2 cents here, this all seems very nice when explained like this but carriers better start stepping up to the plate when it comes to releasing OS / software updates since this usually also means security fixes, patches and hardening.  It comes as no secret that the vast majority of people nowadays own powerfull smartphones and use them for (and not limiting to) banking, social networking, emails, agendas, most if not all personal info, security  etc.

I do understand carriers doing some quality assurance to make sure an update plays well with the network  by making  the proces unnecessarily long they open the door and allow vulnerabilities to remain present on the users handsets for no good reasons and often without knowledge from the user.  Let's not kid ourselves and admit that most have all of their personal info and even work related stuff on their phones.  Personally I will relyna lot more on the makers of the OS  / or phone manufacturers to fix a specific "broken" feature that an update may cause than on the carriers engineers who have nothing to do with the conception of the OS or the phones.  If both Apple and Google and to an extent Motorola and so on have put a lot of effort into bypassing this problem  of EXTRA long delays etc... There is surely good reasons to do so and prevent as much as possible this fragmentation


Why do you have to be the last one all the time. Bell, Eastlink, SaskTel and Wind/Freedom are rolling out the Nougat for days now and you didn't even post "coming soon" or something so we know at least that you are on it. Rogers is scheduled for March 20th. Nothing to be ashamed of being last but you need to let us know that you are trying. Your update schedule page is telling us that you don't have any plans about updating anything in near future. No target launch at all after March 9th 2017.


Why don't you answer our questions? Nice relationship you have with your costumers. Why do you have this page if you don't read it? Is it hard to let us know about your progress and approximation date, the plan about pushing out the new update. It's not shame to be the last one, it's shame not to communicate with your costumers. And please don't answer "we don't know" cause we don't ask about exact date, we ask for a info how far you went with the update and when we could expect the update out. Is it hard to give us at lest an idea while every other carrier enjoying the update rolled out already. And don't forget that we are on a security patch from November 6. It is April soon. Six months old security patch.