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I feel a lot better now.

3 days with no e-mail, and this.....


Helpful Neighbour
How is it that multiple servers fail (he did say servers, plural). I can see one fail, and a limited outage, but multiple servers over many days. Any bets somebody loaded the wrong microcode across all servers.

Not good enough, Mr. Geheran. Where's the acknowledgement that some customers have been suffering serious Telus email disruption for more than a week? What about compensation, including meaningful punitive damages? "We're sorry, but we're not telling you how we managed to screw things up so badly" doesn't cut it. Your customers need concrete reasons to believe they aren't better off moving to the competition.


I am personally very embarrassed and deeply regretful for having convinced some of the people I support to switch to Telus earlier this year. This email debacle will be an explicit warning I raise in every future discussion with people asking my evaluation of Telus as a potential service provider. The only question is how I complete this sentence: "... and then Telus followed up on its quite inadequate public apology by...".

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Not sure they will learn anything from this since it’s the second time this happened in three months. You’d think they would learn from the first time!  And where are all the emails from Thursday?  We’ve lost everything that would have been sent to us!  Not acceptable least I was finally able to get the apology letter sent by the CEO (which the video I think just quotes it by verbatim) *by email*.  


Since this is the second time since May, I think it's reasonable for every single Telus internet customer to receive 3 months credit. I have Home phone, Optik, and Internet plus mobility. The alternative is to risk losing me as a customer altogether.

Your choice, Telus.


Vancouver - 10:00 AM - 08/18/19


Webmail partially working. Able to log in and view inbox page. Unable to view any other sections like 'sent', or 'trash'. Unable to compose. POP mail seems to be functioning normally (MS Outlook).


Telus' response to this fiasco makes me think of what became a classic meme from Chernobyl:


"3.6 roentgen? Not great, not terrible."


Telus' managment's focus would seem to the outside observer, to be more focused on PR damage control than dealing with the cause. Not in the same league as the Politburo 's response to a nuclear power plant explosion, but it does rime just enough that it certainly should make them a little uncomfortable.


Day 4..only progress is.. I now have a login page that says my name & password (which  I've had for over 25 years) are incorrect.  BUT they work on the Outage Update page as well as My Account and Mobility pages.  Did I suddenly disappear from Webmail ?  This is way past acceptable !

Friendly Neighbour

Received a call from TELUS this afternoon (August 19) as a follow-up to a message sent over the frustration of the email server problems. As an aside, TELUS talks about the problem starting the middle of last week - has been happening intermittently far longer than that. However, the call from TELUS was appreciated... until that is, a $20 rebate on the next bill was offered (not requested or suggested by me). Sorry... had the phone call started and ended with a heartfelt apology, I would have been reasonably fine with that. However, I had no idea that the price of redemption was so low. I have mobility, Internet and Optik TV service with TELUS. The inconvenience of not having full access to one's email account is not something to be trifled with. At $4 a day rebate and dropping as each 24 hours ensues while this major problem exists, I advised TELUS that I wouldn't accept the rebate and did not want to see it on my next bill. The word insult flooded my mind. Sorry, TELUS, that was a major public relations faux pas! And potentially costly.


Got the same call today, with the same $20 credit info.  I also said it should be more buy did not turn down the 20 bucks, not sure why a person would do that.



I wonder what the criteria is for these semi-personal pseudo-apologies. I've received nothing at all. To those who got it: how many of you are locked into a contract, as I am? I must say that a $20 compensation offer really would be extremely insulting though. We've got 5 email accounts in our household, so $4 each for our troubles, which is is less than 50 cents/day of email problems? Telus apparently really despises its email-using customers.

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Seriously Telus? For the hassles you caused me (I depend on your service!), you will credit me $10 (how about at least a month of free service?), but to really throw egg in my face, you offer me free movies if I'm an OptikTV customer (I'm not!) or give me loyalty points (I'm a BC resident, so no loyalty program out here!) - or I can donate or take nothing.

So I get 10 lousy dollars plus an offer that has zero value to me...


New lows in customer service and customer retention!



I'm with you on the lameness of the compensation being offered. But to be correct, there is Telus Rewards in BC. I use it for On-Demand movies now and then.


The downside of the On-Demand credits, yes it's 6 free movies. But it's 1 credit per month. In other words, you have to remain a customer for 6 more months to receive full credit.


How about $10 off for six months instead?

Just Moved In

Really TELUS....a $10 one time account credit plus one of the following:

a) 6 free on demand movies valued at $48 with each coupon good for only 60 days, but only if you are an Optik or Pik TV Customer (I’m not either because it’s not offered in my area at this time so I have to be a Satellite customer)

b) 20 reward points...and what does that get me?

c) $20 donation to the Telus friendly future foundation (no tax receipt to be issued so how does this compensate me?)


This is just insulting to a longtime (20+ yrs), loyal customer such as myself.


This insult plus the lousy slow internet that I have as well as all the wonderful special offers such as TVs, Apple TV devices, account credits available to new or existing customers who can have Optik TV and faster internet, make me wonder if a move to another provider might be warranted as I feel my loyalty is not appreciated or valued!!

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It's been 5 weeks now and my wife's Telus email is still not working.  To make matters worse, webmail is now completely down and we only found out when people contacted us saying their emails had bounced back as undeliverable.  Called email tech staff and were told that they did not know when it would be fixed and suggested we switch email servers, however with webmail down we are unable to export the address/contact information.  


This situation is completely inexcusable and preventable.  Telus is one of the biggest ISP's in the country and decided several years ago to contract the cloud servers to a third-party, Dell EMC, without a back up plan.  Anytime while repairing/updating the server, email services should seamlessly continue with a back up server, which was not done.  Whoever made the decision for Telus not to manage their own ISP should be identified and fired.  If Netflix or gaming platforms were down for 5 weeks, there would be riots.


Excellent comment Mark Tazumi.



It's over 6 weeks now. Still down. No access to any of my email or contact lists. And as Mark T said, all mail being sent to my account is being bounced back as unknown account. No reason for this to happen aside from trying to provide a service on the cheap.